Our Story

How did Moki Cookies start?

It all began with a little creativity, some food passion, and a bunch of testing.

“The idea of Moki Cookies started back when I noticed how popular these mochi-filled cookies were online. Pictures of people stretching the cookies and attempting new and creative cookie flavours would flood my feed on social media. They looked delicious, unique, and Instagram-worthy. Therefore, I thought they’d be perfect for the Vancouver food scene, especially with the growing demand for Asian cuisines nowadays. I was confident that these Western Asian fusion cookies would be a huge hit! However, I wanted to niche down in the market and focus on my overall vision of Moki, which is to introduce new Asian flavours into Canada. That’s why not only do we specialize in mochi-filled cookies, but we also incorporate traditional flavours such as milk tea, matcha, and even ube, a deliciously popular flavour in the Philippines to the people of Vancouver.”

– Founder & CEO of Moki Cookies

Our Vision

Moki Cookies vision is simple, we want to introduce flavours of traditional Asian desserts into Canada in a quirky unique way. Asia is not only rich in history, but also their taste palates. We want to challenge the idea of a regular cookie and elevate it with a Western Asian fusion. 

The team is always brewing up new flavours. Stay tuned for more releases!

Small steps and big dreams